Trilingual posts

Because I'm native Dutch and my English is also at a pretty high level I'm now writing trilingual posts with Dutch, English and Japanese. Both to show other people how the three languages compare but also because it's fun way to both learn and teach at the same time.

I'm still learning Japanese so the posts won't exceed my own level of the language, which is why both English and Dutch are also of a basic level. So it should be easy to understand for people who only have a basic knowledge of any of the 3 languages.

On this page I'll list the posts so that you can easily find them.

v = vocabulary only
v, g = vocabulary & grammar

1. Pets (v)
2. Farm Animals (v)
3. Things on your desk (v, g)
4. Numbers 1-20 (v)
5. Numbers 20-99 (v)
6. Polite language (g)