Monday, 1 July 2013

1st of July, What happened in June and what happens from now on.

Hi everybody,

I know I've been offline for most of June. I'm really sorry about that. I was really busy with my writing and other things and only now have finally caught up again. Also, for those with an ereader, I posted about an ebook sale over on my Kia's Reading blog, check it out if you're interested, my own ebooks are part of this sale but I also list other authors that I know.
Which means, I'm back. New month, new chances.

I'm moving the trilingual post for today over to tomorrow, so don't worry, that will be back.
I'll also get back into the schedule of posting Trilingual posts on Monday, kana posts on Wednesday (only 3 left so I'll soon have to come up with something new) and interviews on Friday (you can still sign up for them here).

So, even though I didn't do much about the blog last month I still got a decent set of viewers, this is the top 5 of what people looked at (I took out two posts that were announcements and not actual content posts).

1. Scary kanji, aka do I need it and how do I do this
2. Learning kana, post 4 (special sounds)
3. Learning kana, post 1 (hiragana a-zo)
4. Anki, how to set it up to learn Japanese
5. Learning Kana, post 3 (hiragana ma-n)

It's great to see that people love my kana posts. I'm glad that you all seem to find them useful.

If you have any ideas for posts or for the trilingual posts, please don't be shy about commenting. I love to hear what other people would like to read about.

Study on!