Monday, 27 May 2013

Numbers 20-99 (trilingual post #5)

So, the second set of numbers is here. I'm only doing bits at the time, because even though Japanese is pretty straight forward and English is understandable, Dutch is a bit hard. Here is the link to the first post about numbers and to the trilingual page.

Same disclaimer as always, not a teacher, just a fellow student trying to help others out.


For a change (for me anyway) Dutch is the language that is being difficult in this post. Pay close attention to the pronunciations as they differ from English (unlike the first batch). Here we go.

Japanese English Dutch #
二十(に・じゅう) twenty twintig 20
二十一(に・じゅう・いち) twenty-one eenentwintig 21
二十二(に・じゅう・に) twenty-two tweeëntwintig 22
二十三(に・じゅう・さん) twenty-three drieëntwintig 23
二十四(に・じゅう・よん) twenty-four vierentwintig 24
二十五(に・じゅう・ご) twenty-five vijfentwintig 25
二十六(に・じゅう・ろく) twenty-six zesentwintig 26
二十七(に・じゅう・なな) twenty-seven zevenentwintig 27
二十八(に・じゅう・はち) twenty-eight achtentwintig 28
二十九(に・じゅう・きゅう) twenty-nine negenentwintig 29
三十(さん・じゅう) thirty dertig 30
三十一(さん・じゅう・いち) thirty-one eenendertig 31
三十二(さん・じゅう・に) thirty-two tweeëndertig 32
四十(よん・じゅう) forty veertig 40
五十(ご・じゅう) fifty vijftig 50
六十(ろく・じゅう) sixty zestig 60
七十(なな・じゅう) seventy zeventig 70
八十(はち・じゅう) eighty tachtig 80
九十(きゅう・じゅう) ninety negentig 90
九十九(きゅう・じゅう・きゅう) ninety-nine negenennegentig 99

Let's just go from the top, otherwise I'd have a lot of beautiful asterisks in the table and it would all get confusing.

First, Japanese is pretty straight forward at this level. To use multiples of ten you say "number" + "ten" and to add anything to that you add that number. Not that hard and there aren't any weird pronunciation things in this either.

Onto the western languages.
English has interesting pronunciations on twenty, thirty and fifty (not five-ty but fifty). And a few trouble writings on forty (no u) and eighty (no double t). But over all, English and Japanese have the same pronunciation order.

Dutch... Twintig, dertig, veertig and tachtig have weird spellings and pronunciations. That is the easy part.
Now, the word order in Dutch numbers from twintig upward. 21 is pronounced een-en-twintig. I know that it's written as one word, but you pronounce it as 3. Een en twintig literally means one and twenty. The smaller number goes first and the bigger number second. This goes up to negenennegentig and then changes again, but we're not talking about that this time.
Don't be scared by the ë in some of the words, they are simply there to show that the word isn't really tweeen-twintig but rather twee-en-twintig, just a pronunciation help.

So that is the second post on numbers. Japanese does what it does best, being consistent, English goes on as it sets forth in 15-20 and Dutch is the one being difficult, switching the numbers around in the pronunciation.
But you can now almost count to a hundred, almost.

Study on!


here is the hiragana and katakana cheat sheet.

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