Wednesday, 1 May 2013

1st of May update

New month, new ideas.

First of all, I did a post on the 21st that I had reached 1100 viewers on this blog for the month, which I was really happy with. I have actually ended the month with a total of 1600 views and 2210 hits since January.
Thank you all so much for this! This is quite an accomplishment for me and I hope that people keep being interested in what I'm writing here.

Second, if you want to easily be kept up to date, circle me on G+, follow me on twitter or like me on facebook. I know I always post to G+ communities and to a facebook page, but you might miss those as they can be quite busy.

So, that was quite a month for me. Not only was I busy with university work and had a book release but it seems that I very much like writing about both learning a language and helping people with certain languages. And it seems others like what I have to say.

Here are the top 5 most visited post in the last month:
# 1. Scary kanji, aka do I need it and how do I do this
# 2. Choosing the right method to learn
# 3. Pets (trilingual post #1)
# 4. How to get more passive knowledge? / How to keep training your passive understanding of a language? 
# 5. Starting out with learning a language

I'm surprised to see #3 there since it has only been live 3 days, but it seems quite popular. I didn't use any romaji in the trilingual post, but I did create a cheat sheet so you can find the romaji yourself if needed. Hiragana and katakana cheat table
I think this is quite interesting to see and will help me a lot to decide what to do next.

For May, on top of posts about learning Japanese, I'm planning to do a couple more trilingual (Japanese-English-Dutch) posts (if you have an idea for one, leave a message), I'm also planning on doing a few Dutch posts since it is my mother tongue and I've recently become involved with a Dutch learning community.
I will be quite busy with university work and moving back home during May so the posts will not be done on a schedule, they will simply be done when I have the time for them.

During April I've been neglecting my own Japanese studies and I will hopefully pick those up again too.

Goals for May 2013:

Study goals:
- raise fluency in hiragana
- raise fluency in katakana
(I already feel how much fluency I've lost even though it's only been a month)
- re-learn kanji of chapter 1 and 2 of both Basic Kanji and Modern Japanese
- learn chapter 3 of Basic Kanji and Modern Japanese

Life goals:
- finish short story, article and notes
- study for 2 exams
- pack room to move home
- unpack at new home
- Write a couple of post when there is time

What are your learning and life goals for May? Anything interesting going on?

Study on!