Monday, 29 April 2013

Pets (trilingual post #1)

So, for the first trilingual post I decided to do something silly and fun, to see what people think of it and to see if other people are interested in it too. The words will be in Japanese, English and Dutch. So, let's go onto the post.

Same disclaimer as always:
I'm not a teacher, I compile each of these posts by going by my own knowledge and they only reflect my own opinion. You should at all times think for yourself and not take any of what is said as the pure truth, I am after all human so I make mistakes too.


I chose to do this first as these are fun words to know and don't require a lot of explanation for use. It is only a short list so the amount of new words is not overwhelming.

Japanese English Dutch
犬(いぬ) Dog Hond
猫(ねこ) Cat Kat
鼠(ねずみ) Mouse Muis
兎(うさぎ) Rabbit Konijn
魚(さかな) Fish Vis
ハムスター Hamster Hamster
鼠(ねずみ)* Rat Rat
鳩(はと) Pidgeon Duif

* There doesn't seem to be a distinction between rats and mice in Japanese, but I did add both of them since the distinction is made in English and Dutch.

What do you think about posts like these? Would you like to see more? What other subjects would you like to see in this type of posts?

Study on!


For those who have trouble reading Japanese, check out my Hiragana and katakana cheat table.

Those studying Dutch, words that are underlined are onzijdig and thus don't use de but het when you write them.