Friday, 18 January 2013

Resources for this blog

Here I'll keep track of some of the resources I'll base this blog on.

The first thing to mention is that I'll use the Japanese foreign learning system as a base for the blogs, this means that I'll be using the N1-N5 ratings and the guidelines for those tests to work from.
Not all websites seem to do the same things in N5 level, but over all they are 90% the same when it comes to the list of words you need to know.
The Japanese-Language Proficiency tests works in 5 levels, where 5 is the lowest and 1 the highest level. They are more explained here:

I'll use the word lists from these pages, they have slightly different ways of study and information that is why I show more than one: This webpage also offers lists you can put in Anki and other things. You can grab a list for all the hiragana, katakana, kanji and vocabulary you need, plus some grammar. Has an easier page to check everything though I had some trouble navigating the menu at the top.

Apps and programs:
Human Japanese Lite(android app) I only learned the hiragana from this as it guides you really well how to write them, since some can be quite tricky.
Anki This is a flashcard program, I started using this recently, tough I'm not convinced of the way it works, it's too easy to cheat.
Teach 2000 This is also a flashcard program, this program I used back in highschool, no way to cheat in this one.

If you want some exposure to the Japanese language, you can watch some anime on Crunchyroll or some drama shows.
I like to listen to music and have listened to a lot of Japanese music in the past year, my favourite music is Visual Kei, which is a music/clothing style, I've compiled a list of music I listen to a lot, here is the list (the western equivalent of the bands ranges from metal, to rock, to pop, to electro, just click through some of the songs and you'll see the diversity in them):

The list is constantly changing as I run into new bands and stuff like that, it's not always the same list.

Okay, those are the base websites I use and will be using for the blogs.

Next week starts with Hiragana part 1.

Study on!